This website blog chronicles my exploration into using symbology to represent alternative numerical base systems. My ultimate goal is to uncover and simplify known, and unknown, mathematical processes and connections between these systems. This is a hobby and should be taken as such. Thanks for visiting.

013 Trincubic Glyph Rotation Chart

Glyph Rotations can be tiled into hexagonal patterns.


The chart above, shows a three digit trincubic number in all of its six different combinations of rotations. Each direction specifies a specific kind of rotation. The pattern is repeating. Colors highlight duplicates, showing where and how the pattern repeats.


Clockwise Rotation
Clockwise rotations appear when traveling in an upper right or lower left direction.


Frisbee Rotation
Frisbee rotations appear when traveling in an upper left or lower right direction.


Tire Rotation
Tire rotations appear when traveling in an upward or downwards direction.