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The Capo Brothers are BACK!! Yes, we've missed you too. What have we been up to? None of your business and we can't talk about it anyway as per the advice of our legal team (aka the law firm of Snarky, Bitter & You Gonna Finish Those Fries?). We'll be posting a few new songs (once they clear the Legal Dept.), so keep checking back. Also, please note that a possum somehow got into our website and has been running around chewing up text. To the best of our knowledge it has no musical ability but has been here so long that we feel the need to give it a name. Please email with suggestions for a name (or just go to the games page for some possum hunting. Good Luck!)

On Saturday February 19th we're back at the Old Princeton Landing, 4-6pm (All Ages and Free!). Anyone who has not checked out the new OPL needs to, it's a great place with a great atmosphere and has quickly become one of the premier places for live music on the coast (and it's even dog friendly too). See the Shows page for more info.

Speaking of The Old Princeton Landing, thanks to the OPL this showed up on YouTube... Capo Brothers at The OPL!

Capo's Family Update and Whereabouts; Floyd Capo will return to the fold after he finishes touring the countryside (perhaps even country) in his 1957 BMW motorcycle, WITH a side car no less!

In the meantime we found long lost Capo CC Capo on Facebook so now he' on percussion.

This is VERY important; we recently found out there is a sister Capo out there somewhere and we are trying to find her so she can reunite with her Capo Brothers and sing with the band. If you know of her, or you think you may indeed be her, please send us an email and we'll give the details for the required audition & DNA test.

While we finally gave in and created a Facebook page, if your reading this please rest assured you have found the right place to keep up to date on (and correspond with) the Capo Brothers.

- GAMES!! Check out our games page for some serious time wasting options!

- PHOTOS PAGE. A gallery of pictures and video clips. See The Capo Brothers in action.

By the way, if anyone bought Capobros Inc. stock, it's STILL worthless. Sorry. See you in the Bahamas.


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