The Capo Brothers


The Capo Brothers have been performing their original acoustic music around the Bay Area for over 10 years. With fingers flying and sweat dripping, these boys PLAY! People WATCH the Capo Brothers. It's hard not to. People hoop and holler. They clap and dance. The Capo Brothers don’t play many cover songs, they don’t need to. Their instrumental style ranges from Blue Grass to Jazz, from Rock to Folk to Funk to Aggressive Acoustic and back again. The Capo Brothers appeal to those between the ages of 0 to 130.

The Capo Brothers are Don Capo (Guitar), Floyd Capo (Bass Guitar) and Mandolini Capo (Celtic Bouzouki and 12 string). They can tug at your heartstrings or come at you like a train. They have sold over 1000 CDs and have a new one on the way, so watch out for the Capo Brothers… or you might get run over.

Partial Performance History:

Union St Festival, SF
San Anselmo Art Fair
Marin Art Fair
Foster City Summer Concert Series
San Mateo Central Park Summer Concert Series
San Carlos Art Festival
Sammy O’Learys Pub, San Mateo
Multiple shows at Borders Books
in Palo Alto, San Mateo and San Francisco
Tapestry Talent Festival, San Jose


Available for public and private performances
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