II've been receiving several inquiries regarding the website. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. Thanks for visiting.

Do I Chat Online?

I don't really chat. You know how it goes. You sign up for instant messaging, get busy for a few months, then you forget your password. But I do answer questions when I can on various forums: Adobe, RetouchPro... [link]


I do have some old CD tutorials floating around out there, but nothing currently available. I am currently redoing most of the content and will probably release them with a book. Though, it may be a few years out as my current employment keeps me very busy. I am occasionally available for on-sight training and consulting as long as there are no conflicts of interest. Check out my Podcast for tips and tricks. [link]

Book Recommendations?

Not many good books out there for high end work. But a good start would be the Photoshop Bible, Photoshop Power Shortcuts, and of course, the book that really started me off thinking on the right track, Channel Chops. [link]

Where Did I Learn Photoshop

Mostly self taught. When your job is doing Photoshop all day, you learn a lot through trial and error. [link]

How Did I Smooth The Skin?

It involves cloning at low opacities to a new layer, then using slightly blurred noise on the layer to match the surrounding areas. Duplicating the layer, running a median filter and setting the layer to 50%, can be substituted for the cloning. [link]

How Did I Fix The Shoe Image?

Trade secret, though I show some clues about the layer structure in this image. Using simple filters, I have created techniques that easily separate the details of an image into different frequencies. In this example, the unwanted middle frequencies were deleted. [link]

What Was The Final Purpose Of Your Images?

Most of the displayed work made its way into newspaper ads, magazines, posters, billboards... I will be going through each page in my portfolio to write brief paragraphs under each image. [link]

Where Did The Original Images Come From?

The images in my Digital Portfolio are not my photography. They were supplied to me for retouching only. Typically, clients hire and work with photographers at the beginning of the creative process. My profession deals more with the end of the creative process and the beginning of the production process. [link]

What Filters Were Used In Your Portfolio?

I mostly use existing filters that are included in Photoshop. By using different combinations of filters, I can create almost any filter effect I want. I currently don't use any 3rd party filters except for the occasional KPT3 Planer tiler (which only runs in Photoshop version 6). For what I do, I don't need a lot of fancy filters. [link]

What Applications Were Used In Your Portfolio?

Mostly Photoshop, versions 6 and up (that's 6, not CS6), but I also use Illustrator, InDesign and Quark. [link]

Can I Download Or Link To You're Site?

Links are ok, but please do not download any images or clone any pages without my permission, especially the images in my Digital Retouching Portfolio. I am not the original photographer, nor do I have any way to easily track down the original photographer. These images were supplied by clients for retouching and compositing. They are only on display for portfolio purposes. [link]